How does it work?

We invented a little something called safe scratching! Our products combine cooling, massage and distraction to offer satisfying itch relief without the harm or damage caused by natural scratching. Safe scratching stops cuts, bleeding, scarring and infections when suffering with a skin condition. We are medically graded, safe and perfect for all types of sensitive skin! 


What is the difference between The Scratch Star and The Scratch Attack Roller? 

The Scratch Star is designed to feel like your finger-nails. It provides a similar sensation to this without the damaging effects. It is perfect to combine with your favourite moisturiser and can be used to cool, safe scratch and distract from scratching. The Scratch Attack Roller offers a suitable tool for massage, the cooling roller ball offers a smoother glide and can be used to encourage children to moisturise. Two very different sensations and can be used together for a multi-sensory experience in the fight against itchy skin! The Scratch Star is suitable for hands, arms, shoulders, legs, stomach, upper back, cheeks and feet. The Scratch Attack Roller is suitable for face, eyes, neck, back, arms, legs and chest. 


Why don't you ship to the US or Australia? 

We are a really new brand that have achieved medical certification in the UK and EU. We are currently working on our FDA approval and setting up logistics in other areas to facilitate international shipping. Please bare with us while we work on this! 


Why did Cosi Care start? 

Cosi Care stemmed from a personal experience with eczema. The brand was built by Lauren, who's little brother, Rhys, had severe eczema for 22 years. We understand what skin disease can do to a family, and we want to offer others support and help from our experience. Fun fact, "Cosi" is welsh for "itching" - Lauren and Rhys are welsh and wanted a brand that symbolised their family routes. 


How does the itch get zapped? 

There are 5 main proven itch-zapping methods our products are designed to include:

1.Cold Tiny C-fibres transmit itchy signals to the brain. Cold and itch run along the same nerve fibres, so using cold can ‘jam the circuits’ and kill an itch. Apply our safe, regulated cold to the skin to deaden the annoying tingly itch! 

2.Massage distracts the brain. If the itchiness is bad, massage another body part with our cooling scratch attack roller to create a sensation away from the part that itches.                                                                                           

3.Focus on another sensation, creating a kind of strain on another part of your body will take your brain off the itchiness. Use our cooling scratch attack roller to offer a distraction.                                                                                    

4.Count to ten and create a habit around scratching, by telling your brain (and yourself) that you won’t itch after a certain amount of time. Count down from 10 when using our products!                                                                                  

5.Get Busy whenever you start to feel the need to scratch, try to do something else. The best way to get busy is to play with our soothing scratch attack roller, enjoy the cooling sensation and the fun shark character offering a smooth glide on the skin. 


Why do Cosi Care products get cold?

Cold is scientifically proven to kill and deaden itch. Cold and itch travel along the same nerve fibres, so when you apply cold to the skin, it “jams the circuits” and deadens the itch sensation. 


Can’t I just scratch? Why do I need this product? 

Scratching is extremely dangerous and damaging to the skin. When we scratch, bacteria penetrate layers of skin and cause infections. When the skin is broken, we are at risk of making our skin condition worse and getting trapped in the itch-scratch cycle. This means that the more you scratch the worse the itching sensation will be. We aim to stop this with a non-invasive solution. Our product kills the itch and offers instant relief, so fighting the urge to scratch just became a whole lot easier!


What is the itch-scratch cycle? 

It's a frustrating, painful and repetitive cycle recognised by the NHS as a cycle where skin disease can spiral out of control. It may lead to permanent scarring and infections. Cosi Care is the first product-based solution that focuses between the first indication of itching and the physical act of scratching, aiming to break this cycle. We want to hand you back control over itching and scratching and help you avoid this cycle. 


Is it suitable for any other skin condition?

Yes! Our products are specifically designed to kill itch, regardless of the cause. Eczema, Psoriasis, Hives, Sunburn, Dry Skin, Prickly Heat, TSW, Allergies and Insect Bites. We also understand that pregnancy, menopause, liver disease, anxiety and hundreds of other things can cause itchiness. Our product works to kill any form of itch. We do not recommend using on any condition that can be spread through contact, including impetigo. 


Is it only children that can use this product? 

Of course not! The fun design is suitable for children. Although we understand that adults suffer with skin disease too. It is perfectly suitable for adults to use. It is suitable for all ages, children under the age of 3 will need adult supervision and a little helping hand. Ages 3+ can be taught to use independently and educated on their new scratch proof routine. 


How long should I use the product for? 

You can use this product whenever that annoying itch sensation arises. Cooling will deaden the itch within a few minutes. If you suffer with itchy skin in multiple areas, you can move to where the product is needed for itch relief.  We recommend only using for up to 10 minutes on each area. 


Will this cure my condition? 

We see Cosi Care products as your best safe scratching friend. We know how frustrating it is to fight the urge to scratch. Applying cold to the area will kill the itch, before you break the skin and make it worse. You should combine our product with your existing treatments advised by your GP or dermatologist. Our product is not aimed to replace any advice or treatment made by your health care professional, but work alongside your existing routine.


Can I use this with moisturiser? 

Yes! Please use on freshly moisturised skin to allow for smooth glide over the itchy area. You can use with your favourite moisturiser, oil, lotion or cream and it's a great way to add fun and cooling to your routine. 


How do I keep Cosi Care products clean? 

The silicone we use is antimicrobial. All surfaces are fully washable and wipeable. These are not toys, and using on sensitive skin, the cleanliness of the product must be kept to a high standard. Wash under warm running and remove all moisturiser and any build up of skin, sterilise with alcohol or soap of your choice. Dry thoroughly with soft cloth and store in the fridge. 


What is antimicrobial protection?

Antimicrobial Technology is mixed into the material of the product during manufacturing to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria and viruses. It makes our products hygienically clean and safe. This is not just an antimicrobial coating that wears off. The Antimicrobial protection lasts the entire life-time of the product. 


I have a metal allergy; can I use this product? 

We strongly recommend if you have a known metal allergy you do not use this product. The Scratch Star is made from anodised aluminium, there is no nickel content here but if you have a history of reacting to metal do not use. The Scratch Attack Roller ball is made from medical grade stainless steel, used in the highest quality of products, however, stainless steel does contain trace amounts of nickel. A reaction is highly unlikely and the material has passed cytotoxicity testing, if you do have a severe nickel allergy we do not recommend this product. If you have a reaction, please stop use. 


When is your electronic product launching? 

COVID-19 has delayed the production of our electronic cooling product. The electronic Scratch Star will be launching in the next year, to stay in the loop make sure you subscribe to be the first to get your hands on a product. We will also be sending updates through Instagram and Facebook so make sure you are following us. 


We met at the allergy show 2019, what's happening with the clinical trial? 

It was lovely to meet you at our first trade show in 2019! If you expressed an interest in the trial, your details are saved, and we will be in touch once this level of testing takes place. Thank you for your patience! 


How long does delivery take? 

Deliveries normally take 3-5 working days for UK shipping. EU shipping is advised as 5-7 working days but may take longer due to UK to EU shipping complications. 


How do I exchange or return my order? 

Please contact info@cosi-care.com if you have any exchange or refund queries. 


Have a burning question you are itching to ask? Get in touch!