Suffering With Eczema

We are a family of three generations of eczema sufferers, we understand the strain and struggles families go through when suffering with a skin condition. Mild or severe, eczema can have a huge impact on your skin health, mental health, happiness and quality of life. Meet the Family behind the vision! 






Meet Lauren "The Big Sis"

Lauren is the designer and creator behind Cosi Care. After completing a degree in product design, she wanted to create a product that solved a problem her family had for years. She herself suffers with mild eczema that flairs under stress. Her own experience with eczema, however, was not the driving force behind the brand. She saw her little brother, Rhys, suffer with severe eczema from the age of 2. With cuts, open wounds and itchy skin controlling her family’s life, and her mum and dad trying to get Rhys to "stop scratching" she thought there was something missing. She went on to create an award-winning concept, cooling the skin and breaking the itch-scratch cycle! 


Meet Rhys "The Little Brother"

Rhys is the biggest inspiration behind the brand. Rhys has lived with the debilitating condition of severe eczema for over 22 years. Having been diagnosed with eczema at the age of 2, it has been a constant battle to avoid scratching and hurting his skin in the process. Rhys is our star tester and all our ideas have to pass the 'Rhys Test'. If it doesn't work for him, it won’t make the cut! Designed, tried and tested by a severe eczema sufferer is the main way we make sure the idea will work for others suffering. (Obviously then we move on to testing with 100's of others too!)



Meet Nichola "Mum"

Nichola is the brands biggest supporter! As a mum to two children with eczema the struggles of raising happy, healthy children was a big struggle and emotional challenge. There's so much to think about... what we can, and can’t eat, if our skin will flair, if we will be okay at school, how and when will we moisturise, how to make sure we aren't scratching and hurting ourselves (to name a few!) Mum's quote of the year has to be "Lauren, I would give anything for Cosi Care to have been around when you were little!" 



Meet Roy "Dad" 

Roy is a hands-on dad that would have tried anything to help our skin! He could write a book with all the wild and wacky things he tried to soothe our eczema and calm our itching. To name a few... multiple allergy tests, donkey milk, drinking aloe vera, meditation, herbalists, turmeric shots... the list is endless. One thing that Roy felt was missing is an instant form of relief, and would always turn to a cool flannel to calm the itch. Roy wanted a product you could turn to on sleepless, fussy and itchy nights, on long car journeys or when your little one just won’t stop scratching. Our products take on the same concept as the "cold flannel" and have transformed the concept and benefit into fun, friendly and easy-to-use products. 


From our family to yours, we hope we can help you outmatch the scratch.